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Eyiada is a telehealth platform that connects patients with the proper healthcare providers, specialists, and labs focused on linking the patient with the most suitable doctor according to the patient's case and health record to make an online video consultation. Also, it offers online booking of lab tests and collects test samples from the patient’s home when the specialist orders them. This guarantees the patient will get his healthcare without leaving his home if there is no need to physically visit a specialist. Eyiada was built on the problem of poor implementation of family medicine specialty in Palestine and the MENA region in general. The family medicine specialty is responsible mainly for referring the patient to the most suitable healthcare provider. So, in Eyiada, we try to make a technical simulation of this specialty. This problem faces most patients, which reflects on the difficulty of finding a suitable specialist and visiting many specialists without achieving a significant improvement with over expenses for each unsuitable specialist because they are not specialized accurately in the patient's case. This will help us achieve our vision of assisting people in living healthier, longer lives by making the best possible quality healthcare accessible, affordable, and convenient. We consider ourselves an extension of the outpatient department of most hospitals, so we deal with outpatient cases and provide our service for non-urgent patients to make online consultations and obtain lab tests from their homes. Also, it helps healthcare providers have patient visits just in their own sub-specialties.

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